Exclucity Downtown Toronto Yonge Street Opening Opening, February 2018


 Exclucity Bramalea City Center Opening Opening, February 2017

Exclucity Downtown Toronto Opening, 2015

Exclucity Laval Opening, July 2014

Exclucity Dix30 Opening, December 2013

Exclucity, December 6th, 2006

Some words from @trentoutloud:

This was EXCLUCITY Dec 6th 2006: As part of our 10 year anniversary celebration I'm going to reveal some never before seen pic of EXCLUCITY in the beginning stages. This pics was from our first location. It was in the basement of a Tattoo Parlour on Sources Blvd in the city of Pierrefonds, QC. Back then it was called Hip Hop Exclusive. It was really small with low ceilings, you couldn't even get cell phone reception. There were no windows, and the ventilation was so poor you had to go upstairs every few hours just to get some fresh air or you'd go crazy, BUT this was my baby. I was so tired from driving around to all these high schools selling long tees and Durags at lunch time and after school, so I was extremely happy to have one place where everyone could come and buy their long tees and finally offer them more selections, like striped polos lol (those were hot 10 years ago) This little store was packed all the time. Thank you for all the support over the past 10 years. It's means the world to me. We've only just begun.

Some words from @trentoutloud:

I showed you guys the pic of the over all store but lets get down to the most important part of Hip Hop Exclusive. The Long Tee!! This is how it all started. You couldn't find this many colors and there is no way you could find these sizes ANYWHERE in Montreal. We were the first ones in the city to bring them in. We even had free size, that shit went down to your ankles, it was crazy. Not only did we have every color long tee, we also had the Du-Rag to match every color. Now if you're old school, you know the matching Du-rag was a must. Lol. Before I found this our first location, I'd drive my black Honda Accord with 17" rims to high schools and sell long tees and Du-Rags. We had a "sales rep" in every high school in the West Island, bringing us clients outside at lunch time, and we'd give our reps free long tees for their help. When the word got out, we started selling across Montreal, outside metro stations, anywhere people called me to go, I'd go. If you lived far away, we'd have people gather their friends at their house and if you got enough people we'd drive to your house and sell you long tees. After we opened the store some people got mad that I wouldn't drive to them anymore. I still did it for some of our long time clients but I just couldn't keep doing it, it's was too crazy. I decided I wanted to bring people to the store instead of driving to them, but of course I had zero money for advertising. I decided to take pics of all the new items we got and put it on MSN Messanger. In today's world, I know that sounds like the normal thing to do BUT back then, there was no camera phones, no social media, no nothing. There were no stores using MSN Messenger, MSN was used for you to holla at your homies!!! BUT it worked. From there I started an email list, a MySpace page and then a Facebook page. I had one of the first Facebook "pages". I started a normal page but they took it down, and Facebook emailed me (a personal email) and said we're moving your "friends" over to a new thing called "Pages" for business. There you have it. This is how Hip Hop Exclusive/Exclucity was born. Long tees and MSN Messenger. Happy 10.